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 Jeep/Flag Grabbing tactics on Grinder CTF

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Mvmt - V.I.P.

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PostSubject: Jeep/Flag Grabbing tactics on Grinder CTF   Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:25 am

Jeep tactics on the board are really important. It's very similar to plane tactics on bigger boards. Being jeeps are you only vehicle at Grinder, their going to be used so why not use them the correct way. It is always a good idea to blow up enemy jeeps, though it may sound strange it is true, because it gives player's going in a better way out. My reasoning behind that is that it is better to enter the enemy base on foot (not out in the open of course) than with a jeep because a jeep is more likely to be spotted than a troop especially if you go through the top or top-middle areas. You might say, "What if I go for the flag from the front of their base coming in without a jeep", then I would tell you shouldn't even be going for the flag. It's not necessarily wrong to drive a jeep to their base for a flag grab but it is definitely not the best idea. Even though blowing up enemy jeeps gives them a ride to our base, if your defense is playing the way defense should be played, it would be easier to see a jeep coming rather than individual troops. A simpler answer to why you blow up enemy jeeps is, "the chances of getting your flag to the base with a jeep is greater than on foot". If you think different.... No .
So if you see an enemy jeep within range, BLOW IT UP...DAMN.....because jeeps spawn within seconds. On the subject of your teams jeeps, you want to move them out of range. If you can move them out of range of the base (onto the roads leaving the Grinder or far left or right depending on what team your on), don't leave them where they spawned and damaged because a sneaky bastard can come up on foot and repair them or even worse, get away with the flag if you defense is slacking. Don't damage them and move them because they can be blown up easily and I reiterate that jeeps spawns within seconds. For example.....I'm outside of the enemy base or above it and there are no jeeps and there is an enemy jeep that can be blown up that is near our base or somewhere....I ask someone to blow it up so I can jump down grab the flag and have a jeep at my disposal within seconds...if somebody does so, I will have a good chance at capping the flag because #1, I know that a jeep is spawning that the enemy defense doesn't and #2, even among a few or more people I can jump down or walk in and most likely get out. "Do we now understand the importance of jeeps and using them correctly?"
Without restating some of the things I already did, I will share my opinions on grabbing flags. It takes timing.....whether it be, jeeps, players or weapons, it's important. Going for the flag in groups is very important if you are not very good at being sneaky (where going to the enemy base in a jeep might not get you killed). It is better to grab the flag when you know your surroundings and have better chances...of course Rolling Eyes . For example you are at the enemy base waiting to grab the flag and the enemy has your flag and is about to cap it...."What do you do?"....if there is enough time left in the game, just let them cap and wait for the things to cool down within and around the enemy base because it will better your chances of getting out with the flag. If there is not enough time left in the game, make a desperation grab and hope your lucky. Go in with the right weapons; a rifle or flamethrower should do you, not two or three, just one. So don't hog the weapons especially if your not playing defense. It would be a good idea to grab a wrench too if you have to take a jeep into their base especially if there are no jeeps at there base (no clue why).
I hope some of you actually acknowledged this but if not, I will find out in game Rolling Eyes .

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PostSubject: Re: Jeep/Flag Grabbing tactics on Grinder CTF   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:20 am

I agree Lee. I was just busy chasing our flag down when you were asking last night for someone to blow one up.

But very informative. Its definitely easier to get the flag, when the opposite team's defense is good, by being sneaky and taking off in one of their jeeps.

As a defender I love it when the opposing team uses jeeps to come get the flag. Easy kill. One rpg and one grenade and they're gone.

Good stuff.

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PostSubject: Re: Jeep/Flag Grabbing tactics on Grinder CTF   Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:46 pm

I just do it the easy way... drop right in, kill everyone and stroll away with the flag. If that doesn't work, I drive a jeep to the far side of the base (right side if youre on red and left if youre on blue) through the far front of Grinder under the bunkers. People almost never see you doing this. Just leave the jeep there for the next person that grabs the flag. This works way better if you're on the red team. Some of Mvmt have seen me do it.
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I AM The Mvmt

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PostSubject: Re: Jeep/Flag Grabbing tactics on Grinder CTF   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:06 pm

good stuff Lee, i think you make valid points
you to Hells
I think both may work quite often
thanks for the good words
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PostSubject: Re: Jeep/Flag Grabbing tactics on Grinder CTF   

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Jeep/Flag Grabbing tactics on Grinder CTF
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